The Journal of Living Architecture (JLIV) is the peer-reviewed journal of the Green Infrastructure Foundation (GIF), a charitable 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) founded to respond to the need for greater awareness and resources to promote the design, installation, and maintenance of green infrastructure in local communities.The JLIV is written, reviewed, and edited by living architecture professionals (led by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Reid Coffman and Managing Editor, Dr. Richard Sutton), sharing with their colleagues' successful educational applications, original research findings, scholarly opinions, educational resources and challenges on issues of critical importance to living architecture professionals and educators. 

The JLIV is published exclusively on the Living Architecture Monitor (LAM) magazine website. The LAM will publish the abstract of each published JOLA manuscript in the quarterly magazine, with a link to the full paper online. For questions about JOLA policies and procedures, contact Dr. Reid Coffman ( or Dr. Richard Sutton (

To download the JOLA's terms of reference, click here.

Feature manuscripts discuss concepts and research findings of particular significance to North America’s living architecture professionals and to North America’s living architecture knowledge base, methodology, practice and organization. A Feature is aimed to inform as wide an audience as possible and is broad in scope. [no suggested word count]

Research in Brief manuscripts summarize research results of importance to living architecture professionals. The focus of a Research in Brief manuscript is more specific than a Feature. [suggested word count: 1500-2500 words]

Ideas at Work describe novel ideas, innovative programs and new methods of interest to professionals. It focuses on an idea or concept. [suggested word count: 1500-2500 words]

Tools of the Trade report on specific materials, books, techniques and technologies useful to professionals. [suggested word count: 1500-2500 words]

Commentary articles challenge or present an opinion on an issue of concern to the living architecture industry or discuss a manuscript previously published in the JOLA.  [suggested word count: 1500-2500 words]

Journal of Living Architecture